MJX6227A Electronic sawing

  • MJX6227A Electronic sawing
MJX6227A Electronic sawing

MJX6227A Electronic sawing

Product Description:

1.Applicable Products: MDF, MDF, particleboard, gypsum board, plexiglass acrylic board, PS board, light guide plate, solid wood board and so on.
2.Working principle: CNG panel saw configuration automatic feed feeding manipulator feeding, high precision servo control feeding accuracy,electronic ruler positioning compensation, linear precision guide to ensure the accuracy of sawing.
3.Achieve results: effective protection of the sawing effect of the end, greatly improving work efficiency. Solid and solid body structure, cutting accuracy of + 0.02mm. Before feeding the platform, after loading platform to improve work efficiency
4.Structural Advantages: The sawing truck adopts unilateral vertical guideway design, the center is on the vertical plane, and the rack adopts high-strength special materials to ensure the stability and improve the service life of the equipment.

Technical Data:

Cutting length 2700/3300mm
Cutting thickness ll0mm
Main blade diameter ∮405mm
Main blade shaftd ameter ∮80 mm
Main blade shaft speed 4800rpm
scoring saw blade diameter ∮180mm
Scoring saw blade diameter ∮60mm
scoring saw shaft speed 6500rpm
Saw carrige forward speed 0-100m/min
Saw carrige backward speed 70m/min
Saw carrige serve drive power 1.5kw
Main saw motor power 16/18.5kw
Scoring saw motor power 2.2kw
Finger gripper feeding 1.5kw
High pressure air fan power 4kw
Air consuption 5-7kg/cm2
Total power 25.2/27.7kw
Finger gripper numbers 9pcs
Min width of finger gripper 25mm
Weight 5000kg/6000kg
Dimensions 5200*5850*1750 / 5200*5850*1750mm

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