S3 CNC Opening machine

  • S3 CNC Opening machine
S3 CNC Opening machine

S3 CNC Opening machine

Product Description:

1.Will be automatically feeding, optimizing the material, punching, grooving, automatic cutting, the perfect combination of non-stop process to achieve maximum efficiency and output, strong compatibility with a variety of dismantling a single software seamless docking;
2.Modular design, optional, single spindle + CKIC drilling package, dual spindle + CNC drilling package, three spindle, disc tool magazine automatic tool spindle, disc tool magazine automatic spindle, CKIC drilling package five modules unit;
3.Using 150 x 150mm thick-walled double-tube support structure professional design structure, tempering or vibration aging treatment imported five-sided metal machining center for high-precision milling;
4.The use of large lead screw drive 32 x 32 design structure, stable operation, high precision, fast speed, all the lead screw dust-proof design. Rail using advanced 30 guide, smooth operation;

Technical Data:

Dimensions 3500mm*2350mm*1800mm
Work plan 2500mm*1700mm*150mm
Weight 3.5t
Spindle motor 6kw
Server system 850w
operating system 6MD
Clamping method 25mmPVC
Inverter 7.5KW
Low voltage electrica Schneider
Electrical isolation 4KVA







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