S4 CNC Opening machine

  • S4 CNC Opening machine
S4 CNC Opening machine

S4 CNC Opening machine

Product Description:

1.Easy to operate: The automatic typesetting software with the machine can automatically optimize the typesetting by inputting the sheet size and generate the processing code.
2.Unloading high quality: plate cutting no chipping phenomenon and the size of precision, for the latter part of the installation provides an effective protection.
3.Save material: the computer automatically optimize the layout, maximize the utilization of sheet metal.
4.Provincial workers: work intensity is small, thus saving labor costs
5.Special-shaped cutting: Cutting machine cutter cut the way, cutting any shape, while automatic typesetting software can also typesetting optimization shaped, shaped cutting becomes faster and more accurate.

Technical Data:

Dimensions 6000mm*2350mm*1800mm
Work plan 5500mm*1700mm*150mm
Weight 3.5t
Spindle motor 6kw
Server system 850w
operating system 6MD
Clamping method 25mmPVC
Inverter 7.5KW
Low voltage electrica Schneider
Electrical isolation 4KVA






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